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Printing & Packaging


Earth-Friendly Packaging

ARTICO encourages the use of earth friendly products wherever possible. For Fra'Mani Handcrafted Foods new packaging for Whole Foods Market, we selected a paperboard that is 100% recycled with a minimum of 75% post consumer content and used soy inks. Best of all, ARTICO sourced a new mineral based coating for the inside of the box. Contact us to learn more.


Printing Expertise

With over 20 years of experience in the printing business, ARTICO is able to produce your project in the best format for its application. We work with a pre-qualified collection of vendors who specialize in different types of printing to maximize the quality of your specific need. From lithography and digital to flexography and silk screen, we know them all.



Flexographic printing is still the main method used for producing pressure sensitive labels. With over 20 years of experience, ARTICO has extensive knowledge regarding substrates, adhesives for all types of production and storage environments, as well as the technical limitations of this type of printing. We can provide guidance on the best printing method for achieving your design goals when printing labels.


Color Management

Printing the color to 100% satisfaction is one of ARTICO’s main goals. On every new product that we print, Jaye, our color specialist, makes sure the color is spot on. This first printing sets the color standard for matching subsequent production color. Here Jaye is reviewing color for the product catalog for Green Toys making sure the color of the images represent the true color of the toys.


Packaging Innovation

One of ARTICO's talents is problem-solving your packaging issues. We use and explore every option to tackle your packaging challenge. We have been known to travel around the globe in search of unique and best options for your packaging needs. For Green Valley Olive Oil, we wanted an exceptional, unique and durable package, which we located in Europe. This gold lined can is designed specifically for olive oil and is sold to customers in Japan.

ARTICO works with a global network of resources to print and produce your branded packaging. We produce: labels, paper, film, boxes, cartons, and many other packaging components as needed. We have established a comprehensive set of quality standards for participation in our vendor network. Our professional resources practice “good manufacturing” standards and meet or exceed our quality specifications. We oversee and manage the production processes from start to finish to ensure you receive a quality product that is delivered on time and within budget. Our efficiencies produce effective results in bottom line accountability. In addition, we constantly strive to offer our clients improved “earth friendly” resource options.

ARTICO also has extensive experience in managing complex food labeling inventories. Today’s food labeling requirements (nutritional panels, ingredient labeling, etc.) are ever changing and can be complicated and cumbersome to manage and update changes quickly. We specialize in helping you manage the process of updating product labels and packaging artwork as ingredients and nutritional values change.

Our team of experienced professionals are ready to help you and your team:
  • Coordinate color and brand identity across all types of packaging including labels, boxes, sleeves, cartons, trays, bags, etc.
  • Create prototypes and testing models.
  • Provide solutions for packaging and printing challenges with custom color controls.
  • Oversee printing, production and press sign off with color approvals.
  • Monitor on-going production coordination and quality controls to meet requirements
  • Manage print production and inventory requirements.
  • Oversee the detail specifications for production including: vendor selection, material specification, quality control, packaging, and delivery.

Our goal is to solve your packaging challenges and coordinate your complete line of packaging needs in order to strengthen a unique brand identity, streamline production needs and achieve best value pricing.