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Marketing & Promotions


In-store Displays

It is proven that products in special displays sell more product. In-store displays are promotional fixtures for retail stores. ARTICO helps design the structure and the marketing copy for many displays. For Judy’s caramels, we needed a way to ship the caramels to avoid being crushed while creating an attractive eye-catching counter display.


In-Store Visual Impact

To maximize your company’s sales we help create your look in the store. ARTICO has helped solidify Fra’Mani Handcrafted Foods’ core color which helps the consumer recognize their product. This color is on all product packaging as well as the display boxes. You can’t help but look at these products as you walk by!


Promotions & Client Gifts

ARTICO helps you with all your needs. Your brand extends beyond your packaging. We can design and create custom apparel for your employees, clients or for sale. As seen here, Columbus Salame requested embroidered hats and polo shirts, screen printed aprons, and an oven mitt with a woven label to give to customers...


Identity Materials

Every communication contributes to establishing and marketing your brand and visual identity. ARTICO can design a variety of materials used in everyday communications to support your marketing efforts. For Fra'Mani Handcrafted Foods, ARTICO established a unique yellow color to be their signature trademark, married with classic photography in support of their brand.


Catalogs and Sell Secretss

Communicating the detail specifications of your product to your customer, the retail store, is an important marketing element. Printed catalogs and sell sheets are still a useful tool at trade shows and for direct sales efforts. ARTICO printed the Green Toys catalog selecting a recycled stock that was made from 100% post-consumer content, in support of their company philosophy.

ARTICO optimizes the in-store visual impact to enhance the product package. Ultimately, we create in-store marketing communications to increase your product sales. For example: display shippers offer significant impact on the purchase decision. We design, build prototypes, and produce them to minimize materials yet maximize sales. We are always looking at ways to communicate your brand to the end consumer. Here are a few examples:

  • Develop, design and produce brand strengthening in-store marketing visual communications and displays including: signage, shelf talkers, banners, static clings, etc.
  • Implement production of branded product displays and distribution strategies.
  • Produce coupons, and other packaging enhancements.
  • Art direct and photograph products for marketing and web base needs.
  • Design and produce custom branded clothing, hats, bags, aprons.
  • Design and produce branded gifts and other give aways.

Our goal is to coordinate your marketing materials in support of the product packaging so that a consistent message is communicated to the consumer across all presentations of your brand.