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Branding & Design


Brand Consistency

For the Columbus Salame twin packs for Costco, ARTICO designed a label that fit the new wider packaging, coordinating the design with the original more vertical orientation of their other packaging.  ARTICO also created a color palette to help consumers differentiate between different product options.


Brand Strategy

An image can draw attention but it can also be limiting. Busseto’s original party scene suggested their product was just for adults. ARTICO worked with the company to develop a comprehensive strategy for their product line and created three distinct brands building on their original theme: Gourmet, Classico, and Naturale within the Busseto family. Introducing unique images for each brand and an expanded color palette also helped consumers find the flavor they were looking for.


Seasonal Packaging

Holidays and special occasions provide opportunities to create unique packaging that can be fun and encourage additional sales. ARTICO created these special salami wraps in honor of the founder of Tony's Fine Foods while maintaining the brand identity with their logo as a key element in the design.


Modernizing a Brand

Most companies create their look without consideration for its application to packaging, marketing, and other uses. ARTICO can update your logo and brand to be more effective on the shelf and reduce production costs as well. For Island Wild Seafoods, ARTICO changed their logo from a photograph to a drawing to create a stronger identity, establish a core brand color and to simplify production.


Icon Design

In today’s busy world, not everyone has the time to read all the details. Pulling out important information to make it more readily accessible to the consumer can be a key component to encouraging product purchase. These are a few icons ARTICO created specifically for packaging for exclusive products in Whole Foods Market.

ARTICO’s goal is to strengthen your brand identity and design for growth & flexibility, and ultimately to help you achieve an increase in brand visibility & product sales. Good design keeps one eye on creative and one eye on logistic use in production.

If needed, ARTICO evaluates brand efficiency and effectiveness by globally examining package design and product-specific market opportunities. Through this hands-on analysis, ARTICO becomes an integral part in charting a customized path to successful brand implementation and its management.

ARTICO fashions a comprehensive design that captures the brand visibility and quality in both marketing and packaging components, while staying true to cost-effectiveness. From manufacturing to the shelf, ARTICO’s smart packaging design considers all aspects.

We help you develop or refine and enhance your brand through:
  • Brand and product strategy consulting
  • New logo and brand identity design creation
  • Existing brand refinements, technical and data content updates, and enhancements
  • New packaging design from strategy, through concept and design, to final manufacturing specification and implementation
  • Ongoing brand management through color and quality control
  • Packaging & Print Production Management section.
  • Providing creative direction and implementation for new designs, ongoing product line expansion, packaging improvements, and process updates.